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Intention rollers (aromatherapy & gemstone infused)


     These intention infused aromatherapy gemstone roller bottles are not only beautiful but they are incredibly healing. I've hand & heart crafted 10 synergistic blends of essential oils combined with crystal infusion and I've used all of them as aids to daily meditation. I believe so strongly that nature heals.

     Please see below for specifics on each of the 10 blends. Each blends describes in detail the gemstones & crystals used as well as the intention.       

Rainbow fluorite gemstone roller... $20 (zeal star)


     Fluorite is an excellent stone for clearing discordant energies and supporting the mind. It can enhance intuition, improve decision making, quiet worried thoughts and boost overall mental clarity. This stone is able to harmonize both hemispheres of the brain, allowing them to work together creating a ‘whole brain’ state of consciousness.

     The essential oil blend I chose to pair with fluorite is 



Clear quartz gemstone roller... $20

(soul star)


     transcend negativity, karma, self imposed limitations, 3d reality, the impossible, ego, generational beleifs, , earthly conflicts

Clear Quartz is a stone of Light and brings a sense of heightened awareness. It also amplifies the energy or intent that is directed into it. It is a broadcaster of energy.     

    The essential oil blend I chose to pair with clear quartz is Melissa, Jasmine,  Neroli, Rose, Frankincense & Cedarwood. My intention for this blend is to encourage full expression, communication, compassion& unconditional love


"Understanding"... $20 (crown) 

     Celebrating wisdom, inner love & trust, forgiveness & acceptance with peace, balance, wholeness and grace.

       Amethyst is a key stone for connecting more deeply with oneself. It promotes peace of mind and is known for being protective and purifying. It is also very beneficial for easing into meditation.

     The synergistic blend I chose for "Understanding" is essential oils of lavender, neroli, frankincense, myrhh, sandalwood & Helichrysum. The gemstone infusion includes


clear quartz

"Insight" sodalite roller... $20 (brow)


     Celebrating seeing, feeling, trusting intuition, dwelling in the present, trusting life's unfolding path and preparedness for challenges. 

Sodalite has healing power that brings attention to the qualities of communication & truth. It is especially useful for honesty of emotions. 

     The essential oils are Lavender, Clary sage, Rosemary, Frankinsence, Helichrysum & Patchouli. 

"Communication" blue lace agate gemstone roller... $20  (throat)


     Celebrating free & easy expression, compassionate speaking & listening, effective connections, calmness and confidence with free flowing creativity.

     Blue Lace Agate represents communication & clarity. The stones energy opens, clears & balances. it also aids in understanding the importance of communicating one’s truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom.

     peppermint, lavender, basil, bergamot, roman chammomile & cypress.  

"Compassion" rose quartz gemstone roller... $20 (higher heart)

     Celebrating expressions of matters of the heart, loving communication, non judgemental unconditional love & understanding, increased capacities of inner peace, empathy, serenity & patience and always striving to heal.

   Rose Quartz is an exemplary stone of Love. It can calm and cleanse the entire auric field, especially the heart center. It encourages us to feel more open to receiving and sharing compassion and kindness. Rose quartz can also assist in clearing old emotional patterns to make way for higher and finer frequencies of Love and Light.

"Love" green aventurine gemstone roller... $20 (heart)

     Celebrating positive energy, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness & gratitude, self love & love for others, openness to deep connections, happiness, prosperity  and unity.

- openness to healthy & nurturing relationships

      Green Aventurine is a comforting stone, a heart healer & a harmonizer.

     The essential oil blend is lavender, bergamot, geranium, rose, jasmine & ylang Ylang.  

"Vitality" tiger eye gemstone roller... $20 (solar plexus) vitality desire confidence willpower

     Celebrating self value, trust & acceptance, strength & radiance, healthy boundaries, being at peace and  full enjoyment.

   Tigers Eye is a stone of Balance and Equality.  

     melissa, grapefruit, rosemary, juniper, black pepper & ginger.   

Carnelian gemstone roller... $20

(sacral) sexuality intimacy emotions sensuality pleasure


   Celebrating pleasure, creativity, self nurturing & sensual expression, connections and strengenthing relationships,

Carnelian is a red to orange variety of Agate that brings an influx of life force. It stimulates the passion as well as creative energies and assertive will. Carnelian increases your willingness to take the risks required for strong action. It is a stone of action, helping to bring concepts into being and increases your passion for living.

     Thge essential oils I chose are Orange, Clary sage, Patchouli, Sandalwood, ylang Ylang & jasmine. They help with emotional stability & helps connect our body
to our inner joy and creativity. They also help assist in more focused, mindful meditation. 
thana in Sanskrit is the energy center of our passion, pleasure, and creativity. 
Its state determines how we see ourselves in the physical world. It is this energy center that allows us to experience our true desires, and to see the world as a magical place! Its state determines our self-worth and our relationships with the others and with ourselves. 
Opening and/or balancing our sacral chakra allows us to “feel” the world around and in us. As such, it’s an important chakra at the foundation of our feeling of well-being.

blue lace agate
rose quartz
green aventurine
tiger eye
black obsidian

Red jasper gemstone roller... $20

(root) security grounding survival


  Jasper is considered a stone of strength, grounding and stability. It can be a steadfast ally for emotional security and can very helpful in bouncing back after periods of conflict or crisis.

     Patchouli, Frankinsence, Myrhh, Sandalwood, Vetiver & Cedarwood. It connects us to Gaia, our Mother Earth, it is our cord to our Mother.
When our base energy center is balanced and clear we let go of the fear and become more open to the abundance and the beauty that surrounds us. We feel safe and trusting that Mother Earth will provide whatever necessary to sustain our existence and out happiness
Our 100% natural, reiki energy infused ROOT chakra spray:
• Balances & cleanses our ROOT chakra
• Helps in being more focused during meditation 
A balanced and cleansed Root chakra:
• Connects our body to the energy of the Earth
• Helps bring us closer to our center, to our foundation 
• Makes us overcome any scarcity fear
• Makes us feel safe and secure in the Earth plane


Black obsidian gemstone roller... $20 (earth star)


     Obsidian is a strongly protective stone that forms a shield against negativity. It blocks psychic attack and absorbs negative energies from the environment. Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension and stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons.

      Lavender, Rose otto, ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Vetiver & Myrrh. 

                                                        All images & content by Sharon Jong

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