Doula, a Greek word meaning  

"woman servant" or "Caregiver"

          Historically, women have surrounded and cared for the birthing mother. Having a doula present can optimize your experience in many ways and help your birth to become a treasured memory. Doulas also offers guidance for partners, and that added support will allow your partner to enjoy the birthing process even more. I respect that each mother's pregnancy and birth is special and unique, and I believe that every woman wants and deserves the best possible experience as she looks forward to labor and birth.


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What I can offer you...

          Choosing the right doula is a very  important decision and what is of most importance is that you feel comfortable, safe and connected to her. Allow me to offer a complimentary consultation. We can meet at your place of choice, sit down together and get to know one another. I will discuss what I am able to offer you, and then feel free to take as much time as you need to decide if this is something you would like to move ahead with.


          As your doula, I will provide professional, non-judgmental, compassionate care before, during and after childbirth. I can start working with you and your partner as early as you wish and we can communicate as often as you like. If at any time you have thoughts or concerns in regards to your pregnancy or your birth, please share them, and we can get over these hurdles together. 

           I can continue working with you during your immediate post-partum period, helping to establish breastfeeding and support your transition during this time. I will also be available to you for advice and support for as long as you need.

          My Doula services are uniquely designed and each package I put together is a customized reflection of your personal needs. It will involve the level of support that you need and the type of doula care you desire. I serve women in the Edmonton, Alberta area and close surroundings.

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