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                                                     Drew and the portal


Chapter 1: A new adventure 


       Drew was walking to his  first day of grade six at the only shcool he every went to called Dragon elementay, at least he thought he was. As soon as Drew opened the doors to the school, he took a step in green slime that was also all over the floor and everyone was screaming "Brains!" Drew was so scared that he charged past the locker room and saw his best buddy Alex running away from oure gym teacher, Mr. Free. As soon as Mr. Free caught Alex, he fell through a hole in the floor. As soon as Drew saw that, he closed his eyes and ran, then fell through the same hole and hit his toe so hard that he thought he broke every bone in his body. Then he blacked out. 


       When he woke up he saw a Troodon eating a giant fern. Drew said to himself, "That can't be right, Troodons are dinosaurs and that fern is way to big for a Troodon to eat." Drew turned himself away from the Troodon and saw Alex doing something that looked like a cross between fishing and racing. Drew yelled "Alex, come here and help me up! Tell me what you were doing!" Alex came running to help Drew up and said "I was hunting some fish with legs, very fast legs at that."  "So you mean fishing?" said Drew. "Nope, hunting. They were on land", replied Alex. "What!?", said Drew. "So I guess the woodland animals live in the water" said Drew. "Yep!" said Alex. "I got attaked by a bear with scales and  gills. It took my little toe" said Alex. Drew said "Did it now? Let me see". So Alex took off his sock that somehow was intact, and sure enough, his little toe was missing.


       Then Drew remembered his own toe. He looked at it and it wasn't there. He was about to ask Alex what happend, then out of nowhere came a horrible scream. All the Troodons you could imagine came running  out of the forest. "This is a good sign to run", said Alex. "Agreed", said Drew. Drew  ran and ran until he was way ahead of Alex and he remembered something horrible. Alex was the fastest runner in the school. When he looked down, he saw the grond fifty feet below him and then he saw Alex running from a huge dinosaur. Drew said  "I don't know what kind of dinosaur, but before it caught Alex, he found a piece of bark and seemed to slide down the hill on stampeding Troodons. Then I lost sight of him. I wondered why because I was above everything.  I looked up and saw the thing that had picked me up. It was a Pterodactyl and it dropped me into it's nest made from ragged cloths full of eggs.  So either Alex packed for this or we werent the first humans here.


            My guess is the eggs will hatch soon so I had to get out  of there. I looked around and saw a pack of  Velociraptors on the ground and by the looks of it, me and the eggs are just out of reach. Me and the eggs are in a tree and going down isnt an option. I have to go up somehow.









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