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Meghan D's birth story

            On Feb 19 you mentioned that you were having slight "contraction" type feelings in your lower back. That same day you immortalized your beautiful pregnant self with a belly cast. You mentioned that you wanted to have your baby sooner than later, but not too soon. You also mentioned that later that day you would be on your hands and knees scrubbing your floors to try to get things moving. "My baby is coming soon" is what you knew, but how soon? You werent sure. Something you did say was that you would have your baby within a week, even though your duedate wasn't until feb 29, which would be a possible leap year baby.  


          You and your partner worked together during the night when things started to heat up, and at 6:30 am you were greeted at the Lucina Birth Center by midwife Alicia Mufuru. At that time you were dilated 2 cm and labor was well underway. By 7:30 am you had advanced to 5 cm and were in the birthing tub. About an hour later another midwife (Joanna Greenhalgh) and her apprentice had also showed up. Just after 8:30 am you were having a difficult time staying comfortable in the tub and the midwives reassured you to do what your body was instinctively telling you to. So with the help of your partner, you got out of the tub to walk around for a bit. Your partner was your rock. He never left your side for a moment and held you constantly. He tirelessly offered you water, cold cloths, hugs, kisses and words of reassurance. It was truly beautiful. I overheard you saying "I can do this, I can do this", and you were! Your eyes were closed for much of the time, and you had a certain peaceful presence about you. Joanna offered some advice for a breathing technique, which you seemed to like. You adopted that technique for the next 2 hours or so and were very dedicated to your "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" " outbreaths during your contractions. Every time those breaths came out I couldn't help but think "That is a woman who is taking charge!". You were in control of every moment of your labor. At one time when you mentioned that you were so very tired and feeling like things werent moving fast enough, Joanna encouraged you to feel your babies head, and you did. At about 1045 you got out of the tub to lie down in bed to switch things up. You said you felt really hot, so you had a team of dedicated servants who made sure you always had a cold wet cloth on your neck and head, and ice water near your lips. You began really pushing at around 1105 and the midwives offered you warm perineal compresses at this time.


          At 11:13 am on your hands and knees you birthed your perfect daughter. Cecilia Jennifer came out with her hand resting on her face. You and your partner were ecstatic, laughing and crying. You nuzzled her in bed, kissed and hugged her. You joyously said "Oh Cecelia, Oh Cecilia", and "Happy birthday Cecilia". A few minutes later your partner cut the umbilical cord and then the 3 of you had some quiet time in bed. Not too long after that you started to initiate breastfeeding. Soon after this your room bacame quite the source of celebration as family came in to congratulate you and your partner, and to gaze upon your precious daughter Cecilia.                        






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