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Your doula package

Initial consultation  

          Allow me to offer a complimentary consultation. We can meet at your place of choice, sit down together and get to know one another. I will discuss what I am able to offer you, and then feel free to take as much time as you need to decide if this is something you would like to move ahead with. I serve clients in Edmonton, Alberta and close surrounding areas.


Prenatal visits

          Up to 3 prenatal visits where we can discuss your medical history, your cares, wishes and any concerns you may have. I will do my best to prepare you for labor by demonstrating various comfort techniques. We can go over obstetrical interventions, various pain coping techniques that exist, my role during all of this as well as your partner's role. We can also create you a personalized birth plan. I want to ensure that you enter your birth experience feeling secure and confident.



          I will be available for phone, text and email support during your pregnancy in addition to your prenatal visits. Around the clock on-call availability at 38 weeks until the birth of your baby.


Keeping you informed

          I can provide information on common procedures and tests that might come up to enable you to make informed decisions in regards to yourself and your baby. I can assist you by providing information on many pregnancy/newborn related topics (nutrition, treatment options for pregnancy issues, breastfeeding etc.).  I have an extensive resource list for local support you may need that I am unable to offer you.


Back up doula

        In case of an emergency on my part in which I cannot attend your birth, a back up doula will be provided.  


Labour support

          One-on-one support during labor by offerring emotional & physical encouragement. I will do my absolute best to ensure your comfort by making your labor/birthing environment as pleasurable as possible, being a quiet listener, offerring gentle reassurance, light massage, relaxation techniques & positional changes that can help with the intensity of labor.


Timeline of events

           I will be happy to write the timeline of events during your labor and birth. It will also include the candid moments I observe that made your labor and birth experience truly unique and beautiful. I encourage you to use this as a tool for you to write your own birth story, as it truly is your story to tell. 


Birth photography              

          I am happy to offer to take some pictures during your labor and/or birth with your camera. I can capture glimpses here and there as your experience unfolds.        


Lending library

          I am pleased to offer my clients acess to my forever growing lending library of books on pregnancy, childbirth and beyond. 

Postpartum support

          I will offer general postpartum and breastfeeding support after delivery.  I can stay 1-2 hours postpartum to assist you and your family with settling in.


Visit 1 week postpartum

          I will offer one postpartum visit within a week after you give birth. We can discuss your healing , how you are adjusting and I will be happy to assist you with any challenges you might be facing.



A keepsake for your baby

     I will offer to make you a bracelet with your childs name on it, as a keepsake. It will measure their exact size of wrist at birth.



          My current fee is $350. It is at a reduced price as I am on my way to becoming certified. My 10 years of service as an LPN combined with my own experiences of childbirth contribute greatly to my doula profession. I am very passionate about being a doula and look forward to hearing from you. 

Belly casting services...

Belly casting & decorating

          I can help you to celebrate and preserve your miraculous and beautiful self with a belly cast. Your unique sculpture will be a precious keepsake for years to come and a memento of your beautiful pregnant self. I serve women in the Edmonton, Alberta area. 

Your creative journey

          Do you have a creative vision during your pregnancy that you would like to turn into an artform? Maybe it is in written form, as in a mantra, inspirational quote or message, or maybe it comes in the form of an image (abstract or concrete) that brings you peace, courage and strength.  I would love to help you tap into your creative side so that you can transform your dream into a piece of art that is fully representational of you.  

                                                        All images & content by Sharon Jong

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