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 Art prints & Artbooks (sketch, journal & doodle...

     They say that the eyes are the windows to the Soul. I paint life as the eyes of my imagination see it. This collection of pieces are true reflections of how I view the world, in all of its bounty, beauty and natural glory.

     Each print sits in a resealable cello package and comes with cardboard backing. Click on any image to see it in its entirety.

      My one of a kind artbooks are full of blank pages for you to impart your creativity into. They come in various sizes and each is unique in its own way. They all feature glimpses of my original paintings on both the front and back covers.  

Fine art prints... $20

Artbooks (Sketch, journal, doodle)... $20/$10/$5


     These artbooks come in 3 sizes... 9x12 (sketchbook), 6x9 (journal) and 6x6 (doodlepad). they all feature 85 pages of blank 60 lb paper. These are limited in quantity.  

                                                        All images & content by Sharon Jong

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