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"Your creative Journey"

                art classes

oil pastel by artist Sharon Jong of Edmonton, Alberta

     Do you have a vision that you might wish to transform into an artpiece that is representative of your creative journey? Maybe it is in the form of written word, like a mantra, an inspiring quote or a simple message. Or maybe it is an image (abstract or concrete) that has shown itself in your mind and heart from time to time. I would love to help you tap into your creative side so that you can transform your vision into an artform.

     During my life I would often turn to artistic outlets as responses to everyday trials and tribulations. It has helped me in every way possible, mainly in the areas of internal strength building and personal growth. There is something so special to me about directing my feelings to creativity (written word, painting, collage, sculpting, felting, stitching etc). The artforms I choose are varied but what stays constant is that they are raw, they are real and they are me. 


     This art class is open to chaos. If you like, we can discuss your feelings and your creative visions. I will listen in head and heart and I will help by being your gentle guide. If you think this might be for you, lets talk about it and see where it takes us.


          As for fees, please inquire, as they will be based on how involved you want me to be. We can either work in my home studio in Edmonton, Alberta or the venue of your choice.        


                                                        All images & content by Sharon Jong

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