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Needlefelting art classes

      Have you ever wanted to sculpt with wool? Awaken your inner fibre artist and lets dive into the wonderful art of needlefelting! In this class we will explore this art by learning techniques and building a 3 dimensional soft sculpture of your choice. What you create is only limited to your imagination.

     Together we will explore the many different textures & colours of wool. we will blend, layer & learn how to manipulate the wool by needlefelting it. By the end of the class you will be going home with a felted treasure handmade by yours truly. The focus of this art class will for skillbuilding. you will gain a better understanding of the needlefelt process & you will have the confidence, knowledge & skills neccessary to carry out future felting endeavors. 


     This is a 1 day art class that will be approx 4 hours in length & it is suitable for older children up to adults. All supplies are included (excluding needles which are $3 each & you can take them home).  This class can either be here in my home studio in Edmonton, Alberta or at your venue of choice. 

Private class price $140 for 4 hour workshop

Group class price $100 each for a 4 hour workshop

                                                        All images & content by Sharon Jong

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